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Microchip Cat Door

Microchip Cat Door

Prevent unwanted stray animals from entering your house by getting our Microchip Cat Door installed in your entrance door. This highly advanced and efficient device functions by learning the unique ID hooked onto a collar strapped around the neck of your pet feline. As long the sensors of the cat door do not detect the ID, the flap remains locked. We can extend our services to anyone living within Sunshine Coast.

Tech Specs:
  • Works by using the advanced RFID technology.
  • Can be programmed to recognise upto 32 microchips, in case there are multiple cats in the house.
  • Incorporates an active transponder tag (battery-powered).
  • Very easy to use, learns the ID of your pet cat at the click of a button.
  • Height - 137mm
  • Width – 142mm
  • Overall Diameter - 285mm

The diameter of the hole need to be made in your entrance door for installing the Microchip Cat Door must be between 210mm to 260mm.

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