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Microchip Small Dog Door

Microchip Small Dog Door

Get the Microchip Small Dog Door outfitted into your main door and allow entry only to your pet dog. The Microchip Small Dog Door works in the same way as an RFID tracking system. The product consists of a reader that recognises an RFID tag present on the collar of your little pooch and opens up the door for them as soon as a match is found. Besides small dogs, the Microchip Small Dog Door can also be used by those who own large cats. So purchase this excellent product from us and our professionals will arrive at your doorstep for ensuring an expert installation.

  • Keeps intruder animals at bay
  • Runs on battery
  • Can be fitted into glass as well as wooden panels and doors
  • Can recognise upto 32 RFID tags if programmed
  • Includes curfew timer - to open and close only at specified times
  • Height - 170mm
  • Width - 178mm
  • Overall Diameter - 380mm

A hole of diameter between 294mm to 320mm will have to bored in the main door for installing the Microchip Small Dog Door.

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