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Amplimesh Diamond Grille Security Screen Door

Amplimesh Diamond Grille Security Screen Door

At first glance, the diamond grille designs of Elite Glass Services may look similar to other grille patterns. But if you take a closer look, you will find that there are no visible joints. It looks & feels as if the security screen is made in one single piece, which isn't far from truth. Our security screens are not held together by rivets or screws, they are basically welded and that adds strength and enhances the look.

You may choose between small diamond & large diamond designs. Both are economical and secure. The small ones are more secure whereas the large ones are more economical.

Our diamond grille INVISI-GARD security screens are available for sliding doors, folding doors and hinge doors. No matter what you choose, you will have hundreds of colours and styles to select from when its us. Standard colours include black, pearl white, bronze anodised, clear anodised, rivergum beige and more. For a small additional cost, we even arrange custom powder coating of your security door to any colour in our powder coat range.

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